Did you laugh today?

Sad people with broken dreams in their eyes.
They are everywhere.
In every place
In every moment
In every time
You can catch them with the corner of your eyes.
Creating the future they expect
Feeling helpless and betrayed
Dreaming of our fall, of a big, strong wave destroying us all.

But where there is fear, there is thunder.
Where there is silence, there is laughter.
Where there is pain, there is hope
And where there is sadness, there is a turning point.

So don’t give up and let us be
Let’s live the life we are supposed to live
Let’s hold hands and close our eyes
And shout fear is boring with all our might

And every day you wake up
Look yourself at the mirror and ask :
Mirror mirror on the wall
Am I the happiest of them all?
Do I love, believe and change?
And did I laugh enough today?


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