Before a change…

It’s always windy before a change comes

Always snowy before a change goes

But don’t forget that all that lasts

Is that everything comes and goes.


You and me

Under the moonlight’s glance
we dance.
Under the moonlight’s bliss
we kiss.
In the moonlight’s path we walk and breathe.
Hold my hand and I’ll hold yours
Hold me close and I’ll dance all night long.
Under the moonlight we whisper
“Don’t forget I know the secret”

The Light and the shadows

Isn’t she the dream that comes with the light?
Isn’t she the angel that walks by?
The Earth is trembling, she flies around
She put her sources on the ground.
Her strength is the Light.
Her heart is pure
She addresses the shadows,
she knows they are her part too.

Game over

“Game over” is that a game?
Is that a phrase we use to say?
What is love, what is a game?
Let’s play, not think, let’s love and play.
“Game over ” I keep laughing
“Game on” we keep searching
We play and love like it’s a game.
We love and play like it’s a flame.

The water lily

Is that you trembling under the water surface?
Is that you trying to speak and breath?
You the purple water tries to keep?
U the water lily travels with?
I catch a glimpse of you in the water
and I can’t help but wonder:
why hiding that much?
Don’t I make you laugh enough?

The sea monster

The sea is calm, the sea is fresh,
but underneath a monster rests.
At least that’s what the story says
Noone tells anything else.
But I wonder all the time
What if the poor monster always cries.
I want to dive and let it know
That I think of it and it is not alone.