Game over

“Game over” is that a game?
Is that a phrase we use to say?
What is love, what is a game?
Let’s play, not think, let’s love and play.
“Game over ” I keep laughing
“Game on” we keep searching
We play and love like it’s a game.
We love and play like it’s a flame.


The water lily

Is that you trembling under the water surface?
Is that you trying to speak and breath?
You the purple water tries to keep?
U the water lily travels with?
I catch a glimpse of you in the water
and I can’t help but wonder:
why hiding that much?
Don’t I make you laugh enough?

The sea monster

The sea is calm, the sea is fresh,
but underneath a monster rests.
At least that’s what the story says
Noone tells anything else.
But I wonder all the time
What if the poor monster always cries.
I want to dive and let it know
That I think of it and it is not alone.

Apples apples playing with marbles

Apples apples playing with marbles
“What is it that I want to choose?
An apple or an orange juice?”
It’s just a silly poem written here
But isn’t it an apple
that can all make it clear?

Apples apples playing with marbles
I cannot stop thinking of you.
“Eat an apple love” you used to say
And that would absolutely make my day!