try something different

Writer’s life

It was a sad and cloudless morning

I took my pen out of my kit

And put a feather in my head

Did I really think it would help me to write best?


I ate an apple and drunk some tea

but the ideas were still not pouring out of me.

I started crying from despair

then I went to the fridge to eat a pear.


“Let’s see a movie” I told myself

“Or read a book that would be the best!”

I run with joy up and down

even my spider thought:

“we have a crazy one around”


The evening found me in the bathtub

thinking “that’s it, my fate as a writer it’s done”.

I threw away my pens and pencils

even my favorite notebook full of sketches.


Two months passed and I still cry.

I always thought I would be a writer for life.

I walk pass the places I loved to write

and I don’t speak with people I used to inspire.


Friends have left me all alone

and I have no one to turn to when I feel alone.

They say “you act like your best friend died”

which is true my writing has gone out of sight!


Searching and searching I sat by the sea

I closed my eyes and my mind was full of dreams.

An empty page came my way

and I started writing about my long day.



Can / Cannot

I cannot give you the wisdom of the world

for I am still looking for the secrets within myself.


I cannot teach you not to be afraid

for it is something you must find for yourself.


I cannot show you miracles and magic

for you don’t believe in me yet.


I cannot talk to you about the stars, the moon, the sky

for you have the ability to discourage me

every time I try.


I cannot show you and let you believe that money is not important

for everything you look and seek is… moneywise important.


I have failed to make you see the things I can create

for every time I try to breath “it’s not enough” is all you have to say.


I cannot make you understand how much love I feel for you

for you think that words have no matter

and they are the simplest “things” we have learned how to use.


And I try to make you see what words can do

But you keep saying

“show me actions, not words, that is what stays on”

But you forget that actions fade through time.

Though words stay strong and still

through every possible time.


So this is what I wrote for you

a small poem from my heart

so you can have it with you

and remember that the present

is the gold key as such:


I cannot give you tomorrow

for today is all I have,

but I can give you this moment

and to me this is my whole world unlocked.

Rainy days, rainy moments

Rainy drops on a rainy day

Makes your week rainy in every way

Make a wish and close your eyes

A rainy drop can make it right.


Snowflakes falling from the sky

A magical moment – don’t ask why

Don’t look down as they fall

Look up and see the windstorm


Close your eyes

Open your mind

The time is coming

That you will fly


Open your wings and stay still

Surrender your mind

And you will be free.