Stop looking for the key to happiness. Happiness is not a cage. It is within you.


The memory

Memory here, memory there

Have all our memories gone elsewhere?

I doubt…

Doubt, doubt, doubt…

Our memories have always been there in the crowd


I closed my eyes and started taking the trip

Jumping and searching and looking

For my golden key


I saw dragons with a roaring fire

I faced soldiers killing with desire

Wise men in the name of pride

And others because the one they killed only seemed wild.


After that the images changed

I saw drizzling golden rain

I smelled the smell

And dance the dance

Retaking all the secret steps

I remembered the thoughts I needed to

And saw the stories I was afraid to


Now memory here, memory there

I am looking for a memory without a pair

The first one, the old one, the one from the beginning

That holds the secrets to what I am feeling.

I know there is a hidden memory somewhere

The final answer is still resting there

I look and search and go through tunnels

But it only seems like I am changing the channel.

Suddenly there is a whisper in my head

“I will appear to you when there is no fear of me left”


Writer’s life

It was a sad and cloudless morning

I took my pen out of my kit

And put a feather in my head

Did I really think it would help me to write best?


I ate an apple and drunk some tea

but the ideas were still not pouring out of me.

I started crying from despair

then I went to the fridge to eat a pear.


“Let’s see a movie” I told myself

“Or read a book that would be the best!”

I run with joy up and down

even my spider thought:

“we have a crazy one around”


The evening found me in the bathtub

thinking “that’s it, my fate as a writer it’s done”.

I threw away my pens and pencils

even my favorite notebook full of sketches.


Two months passed and I still cry.

I always thought I would be a writer for life.

I walk pass the places I loved to write

and I don’t speak with people I used to inspire.


Friends have left me all alone

and I have no one to turn to when I feel alone.

They say “you act like your best friend died”

which is true my writing has gone out of sight!


Searching and searching I sat by the sea

I closed my eyes and my mind was full of dreams.

An empty page came my way

and I started writing about my long day.